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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oxford Essential Dictionary Portable

Oxford Essential Dictionary Portable

Oxford Essential Dictionary Portable | 482 MB

Oxford Essential Dictionary gives all the essentials and helps students with information pre-primary and intermediate precisa.Ele includes 19,000 words, phrases and meanings but identifies the 2000 most important words in English so that students know the words to learn first.

Notes to focus a little extra help with grammar, spelling and pronunciation. The CD-ROM includes the complete dictionary, Picture Dictionary, preparing for the exam (KET) exercises, language games, and a Dictionary of Language.

The Oxford Essential Dictionary gives you three dictionaries on CD-ROM: full A to Z dictionary, a dictionary of searchable picture, a Dictionary of Language. There are also language exercises and games for students to use at home, and a genie will pop up to give the meaning of the words students encounter when using the Internet or Word documents.

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Download from

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